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What is the Life Coach
Personal guidance is the process of activating the potential of women in order to maximize their performance, as well as to help them to self-learning rather than teaching and accompanying, and to explode their potential potential and to launch their potential to reach their maximum performance and help them achieve their various goals.
It is the personal wave that accompanies you from the reality in which you are inspired by the goal you achieve in an interactive, cooperative, and creative dialogue between the personal and the agent. The goal is to increase the performance and quality of the life of the latter and help it to make the desired change by facilitating self-learning and life responsibility
In personal guidance, personal orientation plays the role of catalyst to facilitate the process of change, as well as by: accompanying the client in conversation, interacting with situations, encouraging and stimulating her thoughts, feelings or behavior to reach the desired results using effective listening skills, questioning skills, feedback skills , A set of skills and other session management tools.
In short, the Coaching session provides you with space and time to think about and discuss your dreams and goals in life and what you want to access to it and how to reach it, through the accompaniment and conversation professional mentors with practical and professional experience long and busy achievements .. Their mission to create a wonderful life for you .. And you alone
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