Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Enable women and girls to discover and develop their best skills and transform what is inherent to skill and achievement.     
  • Develop the process of developing the capacities of women and girls and enable them to achieve their goals both on the personal and professional levels    
  • (Raising women's self-awareness in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, interests.     
  • Training women to cope with stress of life.     
  • Raise personal, professional and academic performance.     
  • Helping to define and achieve the goals of women and girls.
  • Helping women make their decisions and choices consciously important.
  • Train women to communicate effectively with themselves, others and the world positively.
  • Training women to lead and manage self.
  • Help to discover the real goals of women and set a time plan for their achievement.
  • Training women on the life skills they need, for example:     
      - Social Intelligence.   
      - Self confidence.  
      - Communicate with others.    
      -Providing voluntary service to the community.

Kuwait - Shaq Al-Zumoroda Tower M2

دولة الكويت -شرق برج الزمردة M2

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